Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s engagement rumors are shattered

Taylor Swift did not wear an engagement ring during an outing with her beau Joe Alwyn.

She has broken all the establishment rumors regarding her engagement with Joe Alwyn as she has been spotted ringless during her outing in London.

She didn’t wear an engagement ring along with the other things she wore.

However, The Sun reported in June that the couple had been engaged for a few months. This has been rumored that they had a secret engagement.

Although the couple has been dating each other for several years, it has been rumored after the report in the Sun that they have been engaged. But there was no solid evidence of their engagement.

However, in the photographs, the couple is shown wearing dark blue shorts, sneakers, baseball caps, and sunglasses for the outing.

Moreover, after getting out of the car, they went to a cafe for an iced coffee. They served the coffee there and then went.

But they were looking awesome!

Before this, The Sun reported that Taylor Swift wore her beautiful engagement ring Inside closed doors. This means that She only wears it at home.

Does it make any sense?

However, a source reported that only a few people know details about the wedding. There are only a handful of people who knows about it.

Moreover, “they also want to stay away from the camera to keep their love a secret.” The source added.

“It will be as simple as they are, “the insider further claimed.

Anyhow there is no solid evidence of the engagement. All the things we have on the internet are rumors because none of the celebrities have responded to these rumors.

So we can not decide whether they are engaged, but the recent photographs show that she is not.

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