The color option is introduced into the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. There are two different kinds of green color. One is called Simple Green, which is for iPhone 13, while the second is called Alpine Green.

These color options were revealed six months after the launch of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. The color options were unavailable at launch, and the lovers of the iPhone have bought the regular colors. Now they are regretting buying the standard colors.

However, what was the reason for launching this color option six months later? Let’s determine the answer by looking at the product’s release schedule.

As we know, every September iPhone releases a new generation of its products. The people and lovers of Apple products get excited, which increases sales and the company’s revenue boosts.

So October to December is Apple’s most profitable quarter of the fiscal year. In this quarter, their sales increase so much because of the holidays and shopping season. So it is the best time for them to release their product.

However, more and more people are fascinated by the color option, but those who have bought the available iPhone 13 and 13 Pro colors may be confronting bad luck.

The reason behind the boost in desire for the Green colored iPhone is that 85% of the product purchase decisions depend upon the product’s color, according to the claim of the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman.

She revealed to the Insider through email that:

“With about 80% of human experience filtered through our eyes, the first challenge is to grab the eye, and nothing does that better than the thoughtful use of color.”

So it means that color plays a significant role in human experiences. Most people, including me, are color driven. So Apple has manipulated this facility to increase its sales by increasing the people’s curiosity.

As mentioned above, Apple has revealed the new Green color option in the iPhone 13 months after its release. But This is not their first time doing so.

They applied this strategy in April 2021 on the launch of the iPhone 12. In that case, the color was purple and has earned a lot of wealth.

So they want to stand out in the world and catch more and more attention and customers.


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