Cobra Kai Season 5 has wrapped up its production process and is on the way to our Netflix screens.

We can expect the release of Cobra Kai Season 5 in the summer of 2022. Till that, we have to wait.

However, the news came from the post of co-creators Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald on Twitter that season 5 has wrapped up its production.

Moreover, they have captioned the post “Five. Fin.”

Cobra Kai has been a success on Netflix and has earned a lot of fame for almost all its seasons. The fans have liked it in the same way as Lucifer and Money Heist. Its popularity increased when it came to Netflix.

However, Josh Heald stated that the writers started writing the script for season 5 early in July 2021.

Then, the filming began in September 2021 and was wrapped up in December 2021.

Release Date of Cobra Kai Season 5

Although the filming process has been completed already, there is still to wait for the official release date of Cobra Kai season five by Netflix.

If we look at the completion date of filming, we can anticipate that we will get season five much sooner than the fourth season as it was released near Christmas.

So don’t lose hope; you will get it sooner this time!

Besides, if we look at the previous season’s filming process and its release date, we will find that the fourth season was released almost eight months after its filming. The fourth season was released in December 2021, and its filming was wrapped in April 2021.

So following this, we can anticipate that season 5 will be released in July or August 2022.

Moreover, Josh Heald has also anticipated that the show will follow the same pattern and said that Netflix would ultimately decide.

But again, we have to wait for the official statement from Netflix. Whenever it comes, we will let you know.


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