Is Stranger Things Season 4 really coming in July 2022?


The most anticipated Netflix show, Stranger things season 4, is coming in 2022, but it is not confirmed when it will arrive.

From the very announcement of the show’s renewal for the fourth season, the fans are guessing when it will arrive on their screens.

As no one knows that when the show will hit the screens. But it was rumored that it would arrive in July 2022. This announcement date was leaked by a Georgia tour company accidentally on Instagram in a post.

Moreover, Deuxmoi also shared a rumor in which he claimed that the show was returning to Netflix on July 1, 2022. July 1 comes on Friday before July 4.

We can believe this rumor because if we look at the previous season’s release date, we know that they arrived on Netflix on the 4th of July weekend, 2019. So these rumors do satisfy the fans as they are highly eager about season 4 arrival on Netflix.

Moreover, Deuxmoi also mentioned that the season 4 arrival date would be announced around Christmas.

So it means we will have its release date right on Christmas or after Christmas. But one thing is quite sure that its release date is around the corner, and we will have it soon.

Although these rumors do make sense, the time will tell when it will arrive on Netflix.

Has the filming of Season 4 been completed or not?

Yes! the production process is already completed in September 2021, according to
Noah Schnapp.

Moreover, the production was started in February 2020 in Lithuania. Then the show was delayed, but again, in September 2020, it was created in Georgia.

However, after several delays, the production was completed as in June 2021
David Harbour said that filming is set to compete in August.

Is there Any Trailer for Season 4 of Stranger Things?

Not yet! We don’t have any trailer for season 4, but there is a short teaser. Once the official trailer comes out, we will inform you through this space. Keep in touch with us.