Ethereum Price Prediction: Will ETH Price hit an ATH by the end of 2021?


According to the specialists at Next Advisor, the role of cryptocurrencies on the market is scarcely predictable. ETH still seizes second place after Bitcoin, but the Ethereum price prediction is dubious. Nowadays, Ethereum is showing the potential to increase its price by December 2021; however, the forecasts are not as brilliant as many expected. Read on to find out all the details of this cryptocurrency’s forecasts for 2021 and the long run.

Moreover, recently it has been trading with $4,050.48 with a market capitalization of $481 billion. The highest recorded price is $4,111.10, while the low recorded price is $3,998.36 in the last twenty-four hours. 

Additionally, the coin has lowered its price by -0.3% in the last one hour and -1.5% in the previous twenty-four hours. The last 14 days also went unwell for the coin as it dropped by -1.3%. Further, the previous thirty days also didn’t bring any mirth for Ethereum’s Investors because the currency has fallen by -14.8%. 

Ethereum Price Analysis

On Monday 6 December, Ethereum was trading with $3,960.82 at 15:02:30. As the day proceeded, the coin surged a bit and hit $4,084.94 at 18:00:34. At 23:04:48, the coin took an upturn and reached $4,177. 

On 7 December, it opened its day with $4,192.81 and moved up in the middle of the day by reaching $4,357.02. Finally, it ceased its day span with $4,351.97. 

On 8 December, it was trading with $4,275.86 at 04:05:46. By 18:08:10, it hit 4,287.81 and closed its day with $4,404.15.

On 9 December, the coin commenced its day with $4,426.86 and fell to $4,318.07 at 22:02:52. Almost at the end of the day, it was trading with $4232.52. 

On 10 December, the coin dropped to $4179.10 at 03:00:55. It lowered further at 13:03:38 and hit $4,048.68. However, it moved up by 19:01:26 and hit $4,299.52, and ended its day with $3,956.65. Thus, this day the coin faced a downward trend. 

On 11 December, Ethereum was opened its day with $3,918.20 at 05:02:57. It surged at 18:01:57 and hit $4,047.44. Finally, it closed its day with $4,045.12. 

ETH/USDT Price Chart. Source: Trading View

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Ethereum Price Prediction

Following are some of the prices predicted by the analysts. This forecast of the coin will pave the path for the afresh investors. 

a) Ethereum Price Prediction 2021

Based on the analysis, the coin will hit $4,224 by the end of 2021. In addition to this, the coin might go higher and reach $4,729 and might drop down to $3,256. Thus, the price will land in-between $4729 and $3,256. 

b) Ethereum Price Prediction 2022

Based on the latest long-term analysis, the coin’s forecast shows that the coin will be $5,000 by the middle of 2022. By the mid of the year, it will hit $5,275 and end its year with $6,858. 

ETH/USDT Price Forecast. Source: Trading View

Ethereum ETH analysis is a glimpse for the market visitors and investors. The purpose is not to fascinate one by the coin but to clue them up about the current situation of the coin. Investment is solely based on one’s analysis and in-depth study. One should do compare and contrast before moving ahead to join any platforms. 

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