Cardano Price is in the downward trajectory, but why?


What will be the price of ADA in the upcoming days or weeks??? What is the technical analysis of Cardano’s price?? If you’ve invested your money in this crypto coin or want to invest your money in the near future, then you must read this entire article.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for the predictions/forecasts of ADA from the experts of cryptocurrencies, then look at this blog post for all the queries.

We’ve seen the price of the ADA coin drop on Tuesday night. The price of the coin dropped from $1.80 to $1.67. Wasn’t this shocking news for investors? After that, the altcoin started a downtrend, and its value dropped in a matter of a few hours.

ADA/USDT Price Chart.

However, after two days, the digital asset started its recovery, and on the evening of Thursday, it gained a price of $1.74. At the time of writing, the token of Cardano, i.e., ADA, is trading at 1.57 USD. To recall, Cardano ADA reached its ATH price of $3 in September.

One of the most famous trading and exchange platforms, eToro, has decided to remove ADA from its list at the end of this year because of Tuesday’s crash.

However, the platform has decided to delist the altcoin only from the USA. In the other global markets, it will be listed. The fintech trading firm announced that it would be delisting the coin in the USA because of regulatory concerns.

Furthermore, the trading company is also delisting Tron (TRX) from its list. Isn’t this too early? What’s your take on this step by eToro? Tell us in the comments. The trading firm further explained that the users will still be able to close their existing positions, but they will not open new ones.

We’ve seen both trends, i.e., bullish and bearish, in this token; therefore, do proper research of your own before trading this coin. Aside from that, get expert advice from seniors before investing in this specific crypto.

Moreover, don’t depend totally on these Ai predictions as they’re just guesses. Because of its volatile nature, no one can give you an accurate forecast of cryptos.

Cardano ADA Price Market Cap

Current Market Cap $54.8 B (Trending Higher in the last 18 hours)
Change in Last 24 hours (-) 2.48%
Total Volume Traded $2.5 B (Trending Lower in the last 18 hours)
Change in Last 24 Hours (-) 18.03%
Current Market Cap Rank6th (Steady)

Cardano Price Prediction: Social Media Data

Social Volume Rank 7th (Steady)
Social Engagement Rank 7th (Up by 1)