The famous you tuber SteveWillDoIt fans are now searching for his net worth and quest for his total income!

The YouTube star, SteveWillDoIt, is an American YouTuber with so many viewers on his YouTube Channel. He is also an Instagram star and has many followers.

SteveWillDoIt is famous for its challenges in YouTube videos. He does all that for which the onlookers ask him. Mostly his challenges are expensive food items are Consumption of wine. But he is better known and famous for his comedic personality and prank videos.

Steve also works in collaboration with a public prank channel named NELK. It is a Canadian prank videos channel.

Bit who is this stevewilldoit and how much does he earn? Below we have gathered some helpful information about Steve and his net worth.


Stevewilldoit’s original name is Stephen Deleonardis. Stephen was born on August 26, 1998Oviedo, Florida, United States.

Most of the information about his early life, siblings, and parents is unknown but soon revealed who they are.

Moreover, he has studied at Oviedo High School. That’s all we know about his early life.

However, when he was a teenager, he started uploading videos on Instagram with the name StevewillDoIt.These videos were of challenges, and he promised that he would do all that his fans wanted to do.

Later he shifted to YouTube with the same name and started uploading challenge videos.


As we have mentioned that since his teenage, Steve has started uploading challenge videos on Instagram. so the full credit of his success goes to Instagram because it was the starting point of his career. He started his career with the same name STEVEWILLDOIT on Instagram.

Moreover, these videos were challenge videos in which he will challenge the fans to do any task they want, and he will do it willingly.

It was in 2019 that he has changed his mind and shifted to Youtube with the same name. The first video which he uploaded was titled”I am taking in YouTube.” It was viewed by thousands of people and got a lot of prestige. Now, this video has around one million views.

However, in the beginning, most of his challenges consisted of consuming a large amount of food and alcohol. But anyhow, he got famous.

Along with this, Steve also joined a prank video channel, namely, NELK.NELK is a Canadian social entertainment and public prank channel with more than 6 million subscribers on youtube. It has uploaded more than 200 videos.

The same channel has also contributed to the popularity of Steve. The very first video in which steve has worked with NELK was aired on May 7, 2019. The title of the video was FAKE SECURITY AT HOLLYWOOD’S HOTTEST NIGHT CLUB.

I addition to this, to keep in touch with the NELK, Steve moved to Los Angeles, California, in February 2020.

Moreover, millions of viewers view all of the videos he has done with the NELK boys. For example, the prank video, Buying a $10 Million Yacht in Bitcoin, has more than 3.5 million views. This video was uploaded on April 13, 2021.

Steve has also met with the former President of the USA, Donald Trump. It happened when they were in a Trump and campaign rally. Later Trump invited him to come on stage and dance.

After all, SteveWillDoIt is currently organized by John Shahidi. John Shahidi is an American Businessman and Producer. He is also the President of Send/NELK Boys and Happy Dad.

Moreover, John Shahidi and his brother Sam Shahidi have started Shots Studies.

Short studios is a YouTube network for top media stars and Internet personalities.

So steve’s popularity is increased when he joined the group of NELK. It has given him a lot of fame and prestige on YouTube.


Stephen Deleonardis is a 22years old YouTuber.Currently, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Before this, he was dating Celina Smith, But now they have broken up their relationship.

Celina Smith is an Instagram star, and also she is present on OnlyFans.The relationship between Steve and Celina from Oviedo High School where Steve used to date her. This was their starting point of being in a connection. They have been dating each other for more than four years, but now things have changed. They are no more together, according to the reports.

The main reason for their break up is unknown, but Celina reportedly cheated on Steve, and now he is single.

He has also introduced Celina in his prank videos with NELK boys. But now she has deleted all her pictures with Steve and has unfollowed him too.

Steve has not clarified the main reason behind the breakup, and fans are curious and worried about him.

Moreover, Steve was arrested when he was disturbing the peace with his NELK members. In May 2020, they were filming a prank at a Target store in Mississippi and got arrested for distributing the peace.


SteveWillDoIt has an estimated net worth of about $3.5 million as of 2021. According to, Steve has an estimated amount of $2.38 million.

There are different speculations regarding the net worth of SteveWillDoIt.Considering his other income sources, we can say that his net worth is above $3.5 million.


The question, how much he earns is ringing in the mind of every fan of SteveWillDoIt.So, according to an estimate, he earns $594.39 thousand a year.

Moreover, if we look at the past 30 days, we will find that SteveWillDoIt’s Channel has received more than 9 million views in one month and more than 3 thousand views per day.

As we know that Monetized channels earn money by serving to advertise for every one thousand video views. So YouTubers can earn an average of between $3 to $7 for every thousand views.

So keeping in view these estimates, we can estimate that STEVEWILLDOIT earns $39.63 thousand a month, and according to Social Blade, Steve earns $29.1 thousand to $466.3 thousand a year.

However, our estimate may be lower than the exact amount because he is getting 500k views from different sources, contributing to his net worth.

According to a report, Steve earns from YouTube an amount of $2,500 per day.

So this was all about STEVEWILLDOIT. I hope that you would have found your answers to this article. Keep visiting and know more.


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