Squid game is a Korean series released on Netflix in September. Since it was released in September, it has caught so many eyes that it has become the most popular series on Netflix. It has been watched and loved by millions of people around the globe as being a game of life and death.

The series consist of 9 Episodes and was created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The protagonist of the series is Lee Jung-Jae, an indebted person and is offered a job to play a game of chance and win. He will be given a life-changing amount of money as a reward. In addition to this, he also finds that if one loses the game, he loses his life too.

The creator, Hwang, gave a statement while telling The Guardian that “the last part would be the best part to wind up the story”. It was said after the success of the first season. Although he has not made his mind for the second series, he says that he has some good ideas about it.

“The rumours of the second series are undeniable because of the success of the first season, and I am thinking on it”, he added.

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Keep reading if you are interested to know more about the Squid Game on Netflix.

Squid Game Season 2 Release Date

As the first season has been successful in the South Korean drama, it seems possible that the second series would come. Netflix looks interested in Season two of Squid Game.

Now the ambiguity is that it has not been confirmed officially that. When will the show be released? It has been so successful that it has been included in the list of the best series on Netflix, but it is not surprising, it does make sense that everyone will do it later and take steps accordingly.

Moreover, the people enjoy the first season and day by day more, and more people discover this season. So the people do not take much interest in the second series, but rather they are enjoying season 1. They do not feel any need for the publicity of the future dates of season 2.

So the people who love to watch the second series of the Squid Game must keep patience for a long

Hwang Dong-hyuk exposed the fact that the second series is a challenging task. He also added that it just not fully free in my mind.

He also added that before the start of the second series, I have another job to do first, which is a film I want to make before the second series.

While speaking to The Guardian, he added that I have an idea for filmmaking, soon discussing it with Netflix.

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Furthermore, he adds, ” I am well aware of the people’s expectations about the season 2, but I don’t want to disappoint the fans. It is not that I don’t think about it, although I have a rough sketch of it in my mind, I always ask myself that whether I can do it alone or not?”

In addition to this, he also added that if I try to make the second season, I will look up some ideas shared on social media by the fans. Among them, any good idea will be included in the plot structure, and all these ideas would work for me in a writer’s room.

He might also ask the fans on social media to provide him with some fruitful and good theories for the second series.

So now it is quite clear to the fans that if they want to increase the making speed of season 2, they should develop some good theories and upload them on social media.

But it will not happen in a very short period because even if Netflix approves it, it will take a lot of time.

As the first season took a lot of time for its production, it started in 2019 and was released in late 2021. So we have to wait until 2023.

Is it a limited series?

Squid Game is not a limited series because it is never officially announced by creator and director Hwang. Hwang told Variety that he had not planned for the second series of Squid Game. He also added that even only it thought it was tormenting.

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Further, in an interview with Radio Times, he says that I always think that he can write a better season than the first one because he does want to upset the fans.

It would be surprising if the Squid Game was made and extended further to the second series after being famous and loved around the globe. But Hwang has told the Times that the second story will look upon the story of the frontman. So, in a nutshell, it’s not a little story.

Cast Of Squid Game Season 2

The cast included in the first series is not going to be included in the second series. It’s not quite sure, but the majority of them would not be cast. As it is obvious from the first series story, the contestants who failed in the game got killed to see them again in the second series. To reveal this is not the killer of the suspense of the second series.

Although the destroyer of the suspense of the second series would mention that Lee Jung-Jae would return in the second series because he is the winner of the contest and he is the only one who is alive. Still, this process is dependent upon the creator and writer.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lee wants to come again in the second series, but it is quite unsure.

In addition to this, he adds that the viewers have given me a lot of love and respect, and I am indebted to them, so I have to pay it back.

He also mentions that he is also unaware of the role of Lee if he gets selected again, whether he would be given the same main or a less important role in the second series.

Another character is the supplier of the games’ contestants, who is expected to appear in the second series.

He and Hwang Jun-ho, a police officer in the first series who was shot by the frontman of the contestants and fell in the ocean, but the frontman is his brother who was lost. But it is not sure that it is dead or not? The real name of Jun-ho is Ha-Joon tells the deadline that he wants to survive and ask his brother about his frontmanship.

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Further, he adds that “he is so much curious to know about him” also adds that “that I like to come again and ask my brother so many questions, and I would love to come back and reveal more about their brotherhood.

Plot theories of Squid Game Season 2

As in the first series, Gi-hun wins the contest, revealing that the danger is yet there.

The different teams are there, and there are a lot of hurdles and challenges, so there is a great opportunity for Gi-hun to become the protagonist of the story.

Although all these factors are there, one thing is quite sure that the story will continue for a long time. It has not been ended with the first series.

According to The Times, the writer of Squid Game likes to make a second season after the first one and would focus mainly on the Korean police because the first one was mainly concentrated on contestants only.

In addition to this, he also says that when I was writing the first series, a story came into my mind, and I thought that I would include it in the second series. He says that problems related to the police are universal.

The creator adds that the police always come late, and the situations get more complicated and risky due to them, and it is always highlighted on the different news channels and sources. This is the point that he wants to discuss and explore in the second series.

Not only this but we also don’t know how workers are selected for work and why they selected this job, and also we don’t understand why the brother of the policeman Hwang Jun-ho, why he joined forces and killed a lot of people.

So these stories will be explained in the second series.

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What to Expect in Squid Game Season two?

Hwang, the creator, told Radio Times that the second series would clarify the story of the colour of cards. He adds that he will deal with the theory of colours of cards as choosing blue makes one a contestant while choosing red makes one an employee.

He further adds that “it is an interesting theory, and I wish to discuss it in season two.”

The Old Man Oh ll-nam’s story will also be explored in season two, who is revealed to be a wealthy supporter of the games.

As revealed in the first season, he longs for his happy moments of family life and all this he lost just for the sake of success. so if there were season two, we would know more about his past events of life,” He stated.

As we know, ll-nam is one of the supporters and makers of the games, which were made for the rich people who became pessimistic with their lives, and we don’t know much about his family life, which he often reminds us of while playing a marble game.


A single Squid Game Fan story suggests that ll-man would turn out to be the father of Gi-hun because they have developed a very friendly relationship with each other, and ll-man told him at his death bed that he had fun with him while playing. So it is going to be a worthwhile effort for connecting the two plots?

Moreover, Hwang said while telling Variety that “I will turn to the fans for ideas on YouTube”. Further, he says that “I am not going to do it alone. Rather I would consult so many directors to do it “.So I am not going to do it alone.”

Although it is quite obvious from the final part of the series that it sets up season two, as Gi-hun do not go to America and seems to come back to take revenge on the game organizers. Hwang says in this regard to The Hollywood Reporter that “the finale seems to be the well closer to the Gi-hun’ whole story.”

In addition to this, he also added that “if he is going to write the season, he will explore the storyline between frontman and the police officer and along with them the recruiter too, who is the organizer of the games.

Furthermore, Hwang says that “I can also explore the storyline between the recruiter who plays Ddakji with the Gi-hun, in the first part gives him the card, and we can also begin with the storyline of the Gi-hun who comes back from going to America. there are a lot of possible storylines with which the season two can be started.”


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