Lost in Space Season 3 is likely to arrive on Netflix later this year


Lost in Space season 3 should be on Netflix soon, but we’ll have to wait a little longer. The streaming service revealed their list of new shows and movies coming this October without mentioning this show. Not bad news, though, as it seems like there’s more to go ahead.

Lost in Space Season 3 Release Date

The new Lost in Space season will be coming to Netflix in 2021. It was announced recently that production wrapped earlier this year, and according to What’s On Netflix, they’ve been working on post-production for a while now.

Netflix’s NX on Netflix account has just confirmed that the popular sci-fi series will be coming back. It’s been tough to predict the release date of season 3, but fans will have something new on their screens before long.

According to Netflix Life, the series might be released in November or December this year. Unfortunately, it is one of the few Netflix shows that failed to get a spot at TUDUM.

The new sci-fi series season is expected to arrive on Netflix in November or late December this year or maybe at the very beginning of 2022.