Nvidia has finally confirmed that the PC version of Deathloop will be exclusively supported with their Reflex software tech. This Neural Net Architectural system reduces latency by 40%, giving you an even better single-player experience.

Nvidia Reflex is specially designed to reduce system latency, so your actions occur quicker. In addition, it will make you more competitive in multiplayer titles and help to ensure that everything goes smoothly during gameplay.

Deathloop Nvidia Reflex Support, Image Credit: Nvidia

The technology has been used in more than 20 games, and it will be introduced with Splitgate and Deathloop this month. However, It’s interesting to note that Nvidia Reflex is commonly implemented in competitive games.

While Deathloop isn’t a competitive game like others on this list, it includes an invasion mechanic- something worth noting for future reference.

When playing the single-player mode, you can disable human-controlled invasions with Nvidia’s new AI tech.

The one thing that makes a video game more frustrating than fun is an arbitrary limit on your progress. In Deathloop PC edition, GeForce gamers are enjoying the addition of NVIDIA Reflex, which helps them through the single-player campaign and multiplayer modes.

Other players invade their games to kill them but also send you back to start if they manage to do so by destroying all life force insight.

The latest video game, Deathloop, was released last week and supported both FSR and Nvidia’s Reflex. However, the support for the Nvidia DLSS isn’t available yet.


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