The latest versions of Microsoft Office are a minor deal than they used to be, thanks partly because of the apps that come with a subscription.

These continuously updated and continually paid for applications have made it easy for people who don’t want or need all the features of office 365 to get still their work done without hassle on another platform such as google docs.

For those who need to stay up-to-date with office 365, Microsoft has announced an upgrade for Office 2019. This version will be available on October 5th and includes all the features from Long Term Service Channel releases that started recently. Also, it’s coming to both Windows and macOS.

The new version of Microsoft Office is more than just an updated interface. It includes all sorts of features that will make your work easier, like dark mode support for a more visually appealing experience and improved slide show recording in PowerPoint.

The company will offer five years of “Mainstream Support” for Office 2021, ending in October 2026. Microsoft is still keeping the details of its new Office 2021 pricing a secret, but it’s expected to go live on October 5th. It may launch alongside Windows 11.


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