YouTube announced that it would be releasing a new feature that gives users the ability to translate comments into over 100 languages. The Youtube translation feature is rolling out for mobile users.

It will allow them to read comments in other languages by instant translation while viewing videos on their phone. The feature started rolling out for both Android and iOS on YouTube App.

Ever wonder how to translate a comment on YouTube? With the new feature, users can switch between the translated text and original post right from their smartphones. This will enable them to understand any conversation happening around videos they like instantly.

It will be easy to translate comments. A button with the translation option is shown above all Like, dislike, and reply options in a Box of every comment you make. The translation is now available in over 100 different languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.

To convert a comment, tap the button. Directly you can translate any comment without leaving the app! If a user is commenting in another language and wants their post translated, tap on this new button instantly.

Furthermore, to translate, you have to click on the button each time a comment is being translated. It doesn’t automatically do this for videos in one go, so that it can take some getting used to. Besides this, Google Translate is also getting a new Material You redesign. The layout will be changed after a long time, as the buttons are now more aligned within the natural reach of your thumb.


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