Google Translate for Android is about to get a Material You UI redesign


Google Translate is getting ready to have a significant redesign of its Material You UI. 9to5 Google has discovered that Google Translate just got an exciting new makeover in the works – its first significant change in over 5 years. Last month sources found about the Material You UI overhaul coming for Google Translate.

The new Google Translate design is quickly coming into shape, as some of the reliable sources revealed screenshots of the recent translate overhaul.

New layouts have surfaced recently, showing what are likely some of the changes that will be happening with this update.

The application has seen some significant changes in recent years. In 2018, Google added a dark mode and tweaked some menu options last year to make them easier for you.

The new UI is very similar to the Material Design aesthetic, with one exception: it now draws colors from your wallpaper instead of using a light color. Unfortunately, it means that if you have dark images on all four corners, then they will show up as black when viewed through this interface–just like what happens in other versions of Android 12.

The new Material You redesign has now a more bottom-aligned layout. This move aims to put Google Translate’s features within the natural reach of your thumb and should make it easier for users to quickly translate words or phrases while browsing through content on their phone.

The new app is not yet actually accessible, even as a manual download. Nor can Pixel users access the latest version of it either; some parts appear to currently be missing altogether, like their translation history. It’s expected to launch either before or after Android 12.