Windows 10 Xbox app update lets you stream games from Xbox Series X/S to PC


Microsoft has released a new update to the Xbox app for Windows 10 that enables users to stream games and unlock console content on their PC.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now use the Xbox app on Windows 10 to access xCloud. In addition, the latest update for this popular gaming platform added remote play functionality seen previously with Xbox One consoles.

The new app is an evolution of its predecessor, allowing for more advanced gaming. The remote play abilities mean you can stream games from the PC in 1080p at 60fps and access your classic Xbox 360 collection, too, with backward compatibility through Series X|S.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now enjoy streaming Cloud Gaming titles to Windows 10 directly.

You play games on the cloud by connecting a compatible PC controller through USB or Bluetooth. You will also need an internet connection to enjoy your service fully, so make sure that both of those qualities are available when using this feature for maximum fun.

Microsoft’s latest update to the Windows 10 Xbox app is a welcome move that recognizes how players want more options for playing games on their computers. The Microsoft Remote Play and cloud gaming service is becoming more immersive with every update.

Furthermore, Streaming from both their cloud and consoles, gamers may be able to enjoy an alternative way of playing Xbox exclusives.