Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot is almost here, explore all the new features


The Minecraft world is about to get much more exciting. The second part of its Caves and Cliffs major update will be released soon, with many new features for you adventurers out there.

In addition, Mojang has just launched a new update that will bring the much-awaited features into average beta. These updates are now reasonably close to what we can expect at release.

The first Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot from Mojang, has been released, and it includes all the features from previous experimental snapshots. If you like to be surprised by the environment, then this snapshot is for you! The environments are more realistic environments and also they shift gently from biome to biomes.

Biomes are now more diverse than ever with all-new Biome Options. You can find Dripstone Caves, Groves, and Lofty Peaks as well! The new additions also include lush caves to explore or snowy slopes for those who prefer it colder out there in the snow-covered highlands.

If you want to know about all of Minecraft 1.18 changes, make sure and check out the site. It’ll be updated with that info soon enough, too, as it releases this holiday season.