PS5 Restock Update: Best Buy might bring new Stock for Labor Day


Is the PS5 Restock finally happening at Best Buy? Well, we don’t have a specific date just yet, but it’s looking like next week for Labor Day weekend will most likely see this happen. Other than that there are still many great places to get your hands on Sony’s PlayStation Console.

Since August, Best Buy has been delaying the sale of PlayStation 5. According to Swider, this is because there were a number of drops bunched close together in the first half and they depleted their supplies as a result.

It has been a frustrating time for Best Buy fans, as the retailer’s restock of PlayStation 5 consoles have happened just 23 days ago.

As of today, Best Buy has not restocked PS5 consoles at all. The last time they did was on Aug,12. However, it was predicted to have a PS5 Restock this Friday, but that actually didn’t happen.

After weeks of waiting and asking when the PlayStation 5 would be available in stores again, fans were disappointed to find out that they had been given false information from the retailers several times over about when exactly another stock delivery was coming through.

PS5 For Sale Details

However, If you are seeking a PS5 Console, then check other retailers given below.


Target is still out of stock, however, if you check again in the early morning for an update on their inventory page it will be most effective. To do this best, try checking Target earliest in the day to get updates on which items are available because that’s when stores tend to put up any new information about what they have left and so forth.


The PS5 has been hard to find since its release, but there is a chance it might be back in stock at Walmart on September 9. So keep checking the retailer’s official site.


If you want to get your hands on the PlayStation 5, second-hand models are available but are prepared for a big price tag. The latest model is sold out everywhere and when it can be found online, resellers offer high prices like $1,000 or more!


According to GameStop insiders, the new PS5 Restock is expected to take place on Thursday, September 9. The company typically releases these products at about 11 A.M., so keep an eye out for updates in the late hours of the morning.