Apple Watch Series 7 will be announced next week but in limited numbers


While some reports have said that Apple Watch Series 7 production is facing issues, the company plans to announce it next week along with iPhone 13. The watch will be available in limited quantities at launch but may still lead its market share this year because of the high demand for smartwatches and other wearable devices.

According to a new report, it might be difficult for Apple to ship all versions of the upcoming Watch Series 7 on time. The release date may also get delayed if there are production problems with some or all models of this watch.

As expected by many people, Apple is said to unveil an update in their smartwatch lineup during fall event where we can expect other awaited product launches like iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 alongside the Series 7 watches.”

Gurman says the Apple Watch Series 7 will be announced during the September launch event and there may not be enough to go around. Some models might even take a few months until they’re available for purchase.

Bloomberg reported that Apple’s new watch is expected to feature a flat-edged design, with two sizes (41mm and 45mm) available. The watch will come in exclusive colors; however, there are no reports of health trackers being added this year.

It might also come with some exclusive watch faces that will likely have bigger displays than the previous models, but not any extra health sensors because of all this focus on the new designs rather than what they can do for us medically speaking.

Gurman says the Apple Watch Series 7 will not feature support for blood pressure monitoring right now, with no mention of if this is coming in future updates. This comes after a report from Nikkei that suggested it would come out at some point this year.

So are you planning to upgrade your Apple Watch? well, stay tuned for the latest updates.