Facebook banned Taliban-related content on all of its platforms


After the Taliban takes control over Kabul—Afghanistan, the social media giant—Facebook has rapidly banned all the Taliban-related content over its platforms. The Zuckerberg-owned company took immediate actions just after 48 hours of the Taliban controlling Afghanistan.

The social media company announced that the Taliban are the sanctioned terrorist organization under the USA law; therefore, they are taking actions to control the spreading Taliban messages or posts. The company claimed of having a dedicated team of experts having native speakers of Dari and Pushto. The team will let the tech company know what content relates to the Taliban and also to whom it may concern.

Facebook claimed it will ban the Taliban and the users who post about them on its platforms—Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook itself. The spokesperson of Facebook announced that their policy related to terrorists or extremists is not new. In fact, they keep on banning the accounts that are against their Community Standards. The monitory policy from Facebook is on the next level to monitor international scandals.

As we all know, the removal of Taliban-related content will be an easier task for the company as it knows which content is posted on its major platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

However, in the case of WhatsApp, the company needs to work as the chats of WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. Since, because of encryption, it is very difficult for the tech giant to ban the WhatsApp of the Taliban.

In this regard, the social media company has taken strict actions if some unusual activity will take place through this channel.

After Facebook took action, other social media services are also on radars by legal firms or law courts. Twitter, for example, has been under scrutiny for not banning some of the spokespersons of the Taliban’s accounts. From these accounts, hundred thousand followers are getting updates and messages from the Taliban.

The social media company owned by Mark Zuckerberg has a clear stance on the Taliban. The company further claims that it does not decide whether to accept local or national government, although it follows the authority of the international community.