Shiba Coin: Listing on popular trading platforms might raise its value


Shiba Inu Coin is gradually making its way to popular trading platforms. The coin is listed recently on eToro, while earlier its been listed on Binance. However, the Shiba crypto isn’t listed on Coinbase till now.

As Coinbase Pro has announced earlier to list Shiba Token on their exchange. But unfortunately later on they announced to delay the listing, because of some technical issues.

The investors are still desperately waiting for its arrival on Coinbase Pro, but that might happen in the future. Despite this, Coinbase Institutional has announced support for $SHIB on Coinbase Custody.

You can’t consider it as a listing, whilst it is just a platform where you can secure all of your assets in Cold Storage. Coinbase Custody is fiduciary under NY State Banking Law, so investors’ assets are segregated with full trust. Additionally, Coinbase Custody has also listed CLV and MASK.

Coinbase Institutional

The community of Shiba Inu Coin is strong compare to other altcoins. The meme cryptocurrency after ‘Dogecoin’ has become a famous coin amongst investors. Overall, the coin has seen a bullish move in May, and that was the All-Time High.

Unfortunately, the crypto market nowadays has seen some serious decline. Among them Shiba Inu has also touched the lowest of all time, still, its value is sideways. While investors were expecting a bullish move after the eToro listing, but that didn’t trigger its value till now.

It might experience a bullish move once Coinbase Pro lists it on their platform. As they have announced in June, that we have full intentions to list SHIB on the trading platform. After all, due to some technical issues, the listing has been delayed.

Shiba Inu Petition for Future Listings

Shiba Coin has a long way to go. A petition has been signed on to accept Shiba Inu as payment for Amazon products and Services. The petition has received over 31k signatures. However, the officials didn’t announce anything yet.

Moreover, another petition was also signed to list the Shiba Coin on the Robin Hood platform. Which has received a huge response, and has gained over 174K signatures. The popular trading platform known as Robin Hood might help trigger Shiba Inu’s value, once it is listed.

Shiba Coin Investment

Shiba Inu Coin price is still moving sideways, even it has achieved great milestones in very little time. Despite this, the investment could be safe for the future, as it might experience a bullish move at any time in the near future.