Hailey Bieber’s covetousness has been unburied by herself, claiming that Justin’s songs are just confined to Selena Gomez. No one is ignorant about Justin and Selena’s love affair. They both had been dating since 2010 and finally cracked up in 2017. Following 2017, Justin got hitched with Hailey in 2018.

Post marrying Hailey, why Justin Bieber is still under Selena’s shadow? If Beiber still restricts his songs to Selena, why did he break up with her? It means she still resides in Justin’s brain.

Confining songs do not portray that Justin still loves Selena Gomez, but the matter is about Hailey Bieber’s suspicious mentality.

When Justin was part of Selena’s life, he was not conscious to write songs and as he broke up with Selena Gomez back in 2013, he wrote his first song “Bad day” referring to the day they both parted. This was followed by a number of songs in the following years like, “where are you know” in 2015, then “Mark my words” and “what do you mean” but finally he released “Love yourself” which was inspired by Selena’s tattoo (in the Arabic language) on her back.

Image Source: Trendy Vert

Following all these songs, Justin Bieber came up with a stunning song “Sorry” and then finally released his last song “Friends” before marrying Hailey, which was the indication that we could be friends. Justin believed that it did not end well but still there was something good about the relationship.

Further, when Selena released her album, Hailey shared her listening to a song on Instagram story “I will kill you by summerwalker” and this is an indication to other women not to compare their partners.

Image Source: Trendy Vert

Though Hailey is Justin’s wife, she is still insecure about him. Hailey needs to mend her mind by throwing away such suspicious thoughts in order to furnish her future. It is all about Hailey, if she motivates Justin and looks after him, they will get a bright future.

What is your view about this matter, why Hailey still thinks negatively? why does not she make her life better by giving Justin strong support?


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