Selena Gomez still resides in Justin Bieber’s memories


It goes without saying that in every relationship there is dawn and dusk. Every relation seized with its hidden emotions and self-complacent. However, Some relations with the period of time grow deeper unconditionally and some relations grow in self-deception and later on lead to self-accusing.

From the perspective of “literate sense,” if we analyze, almost every human being has a particular history in life and seized with it in form of notions. Some history while recalling bring tears, some smiles and some try to carry on with its pent-up retrospection. “

The same history revolts among three such figures, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Hailey Baldwin. Last time in the reality shows, Justin Bieber sat down for an interview and shared his sensational insights. He spoke about the ups and downs of his relationship with Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber said this is true that we were so much committed to each other but behind the scene, there was some differential which was really needed to be settled. He said we both almost every day tried hard to settle our differences. Probably I was the one who did the damnedest, but maybe our relation was under the shadow of misfortune as there was a trust issue and I was so shaken by it.

He added that I am not going to accuse her of so frequent breaks-up. I think it was all about her deep feelings. In fact, she was deeply possessed which switched her mind into deep obsessions. Owing to such a situation we would have on and off debates over nothing. Probably off and on we both lived in bad hours. I assume I was rather heedless couldn’t understand her inside or It’s just we both sometimes couldn’t handle the situation and sometimes it would take us into harsh arguments.

All though we both tried hard to mend our gaps we failed to compromise over our differential. It just we really didn’t mean to give up on each other. But there was a possibility of severe uncertainty of foreseeable future break-up in case of getting hitched.

He added in the get-go of 2010 when we fell in love there was no selfish desire. In fact, everything was unconditional and crystal clear. Our feelings were innocently framed beyond all negativity. We are so possessive to each other.

Vows always to mash on each other and never give up on each other, why not what may come! I think such possessiveness had done the job, as It made us felt more conservative for each other and this had led Selena more obsessed with my doings.

Selena being obsessed took us into the different tracks of life and ultimately fell victim to an inferiority complex. The affection we used to feel for each other had suddenly faded. “Perhaps I realized I was not trustworthy anymore”. To the best of my mental power I tried to satisfy her but she mostly turned a blind eye and I would feel disgusting and sometimes emotionally abusive to her.

Realistically, I was mentally tortured. One could read my facial expression. Owing to such circumstances Hailey Baldwin supported me a lot and after being in relation for six months with Hailey Baldwin we decided to enter into binding relation and we got hitched.

Right after marriage, Hailey Baldwin suffered a lot. Selena’s fans sent us in deep trouble for the negative comments and abusive language. Owing to that she had to see a psychiatrist. I did try too hard to claw back the situation while starting afresh like a clean slate.

However, the beautiful moments I spent with Selena Gomez there was an unending sensation. Justin added as per my opinion true love never dies. It does reside somewhere in your brain like a deep scar.

In addition to the love story, Justin Beiber said that almost in every new album there must be something like which portrays our memories whether of good and bad hours.

Moreover, he added that Selena Gomez’s recent Album reflected a lot about our past. she called it toxic. In response to the song while explaining He confessed it that Yes! Probably I was being heedless towards my previous relation in “Apple Music”.

However, on the other hand, Selena Gomez, in reality, shows reports. I have never highlighted Hailey to disrespect her. I always forbade my fans not to pass negative comments. She said being a woman I really don’t want someone to get disrespected for my reason. At least I can not harm someone’s feelings.

She further added, except focusing on one thing there are so many things to reflect on. All we need to improve our strategies for the future, especially work on our mental power to easily overcome the stuff which creates impediments in one’s life. There are other many alternatives to be indulged with. Why we should ruin our lives for the things which are not part of our journey.

“She is a socially-oriented woman, she is well versed and caring” revealed Justin Bieber in a reality show. Doesn’t it mean that Justin Bieber has still some room for Selena Gomez?