Cryptocurrency experts with futuristic analysis about Bitcoin & Ethereum

As the news about cryptocurrency is constantly under circulation. The investors so far look so anxious while hearing a variety of news from different sources.

One of the mega news about Ethereum is under circulation. It might bring up bad news of further fall in value. So the news is rather shocking for the buyers as well who have already invested the amount.

As for Bitcoin, news has been surged up from sources that almost $150 k is allotted to the researchers to scale up the Bitcoin position in the market, which looks somehow interesting.

From my perspective, being an expert the Bitcoin can not be scaled up until and unless the big whales have their entry back. So far as bitcoin is now the mather of concern for every investor, it has massively dropped from $60 k to $36 k. Which is quite shocking.

On the other hand, some of the blockchains have been improved so far. Such as “Meme BlockChain”. The owners are constantly working on it in order to satisfy the buyers. Meme is going to be the best blockchain so far the way it’s portrayed by its owners.

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