ASIA CUP 2021 put over till 2023 due to packed schedule


Asia cup 2021 put back to 2023 on account of the strenuous schedules of each team this year. By reason of the Covid 19 pandemic, the title was already dated to be held in 2021 and delayed further until 2023.


The Executive Board of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Sunday formally postponed the 2021 edition to 2023.

Each international team would remain to engage under hectic schedules. Owing to this, there will not be a gap for adjustment of this edition. Coronavirus disrupted playgrounds dreadfully and has caused sports nerds into a lot of aggravation.

The edition was going to be held this year in Sri Lanka (one of the four Asian teams). Almost 2 billion people of the four Asian nations were anxiously waiting for this epic title but called off by the Asian Cricket Board (ACC).

According to the sources, there is already an Asia cup in 2022. Keeping this view in consideration the edition of the tournament to be held in 2023. The onlookers have waited for a long time to enjoy the grand title but woefully Coronavirus along with restless schedules of the teams pull down their ecstasy for the tournament.

The watchers may enjoy the bilateral series until the next epic title.