2016 Premier League champions were down to 1-0 in the early first half. But, Goals from Ünder, Maddison and Tielemans gave them victory. All goals came in 2nd half that helped them winning FA Cup 4th round clash. 

Brentford showed impressive football chemistry through whole 1st half, but, in the end, it was not enough to win 4th round clash. 

Hosts were on the front when Mads Bech Sorenson squeezed the ball in the back of the net. Foxes were on backfoot by an impressive display of tactics from Brentford’s manager. 

However, Leicester made a comeback after the poor first half. They took the lead with Ünder fired the shot and Maddison got the assist. In the 51st minute, Brentford defensive error gave the penalty which was confidently taken and scored by the young Tielemans extending his teams lead to 2-1. 

Maddison then ensured the victory after 3rd goal and putting his name deservedly on the score sheet. 

Brentford record against Leicester is 7-0 in FA Cup, and they haven’t been able to win against 2016 Premier League Champions in any competition, since 1953. 

Although, Brentford has played better football this season in Carabao Cup. They have successfully defeated four premier league teams to qualify for semi-finals. 


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