Real Reason Behind Failed Man Utd Interest In Dybala Emerges

The true reason behind the withdrawal of Premier League giants Manchester United from the Paolo Dybala deal has been revealed.

Juventus attacker Dybala came close to joining the fallen Premier League giants before the transfer market ended.

The Premier League transfer window came to an end on August 8, just one day before the start of the new league season.

Paolo Dybala was considered dispensable by new Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri and the player could still leave between now and the end of the European transfer window on the 2nd of September.

The 25-year-old was closing in on a move to Manchester United before the club pulled the plug on any deal.

According to the publication from the popular media outlet, The Athletic, Manchester United had entered discussions for Paolo Dybala before finding out that it would take huge transfer fees to sign him.

Manchester United called off the deal after they were told that the player wants a yearly salary worth £18m, while his agent’s fee alone was £13m for the deal to be completed.

The aforementioned sums are separate from the transfer fee demanded by his club Juventus.

Paolo Dybala also had extensive discussions with Tottenham Hotspur over a move to the Premier League this summer but nothing came out of it.

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