Abramovich makes “Chelsea open to all” claim

West London outfit Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has reacted to the incessant anti-Semitism around the worlds by giving his own take on what his home ground looks like.

The Jewish billionaire has raised concern over the ugly development, noted that it would result in an uncontrollable hatred if not tackled in its early stage.

The Chelsea owner had made this claim after his team defeated MLS side New England Revolution by 3-0 in a friendly game held as part of the London club’s “Say No to Antisemitism campaign”

He noted that the game of football as a club owner is far beyond winning trophies but to ensure some positives in the community.

Roma Abramovich noted that the club has been created to welcome everyone, stressing that the diverse culture and religion is usually being celebrated at the Stamford Bridge as he urged all to ensure that the evil is stopped in the society.

However, the game also helped the Blues team to be in a competitive mood ahead of the highly anticipated Europa League finals against Arsenal later in the month.

Having managed to secure qualification to the Champions League with a top-four finish on the English Premier League table, Chelsea have got the Europa League as their chance of winning a title this season.

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