Chelsea fancied most of their chances after getting 100% victory in the Premier League. Before the start of the season, plaudits wouldn’t put their money on Chelsea taking the lead in the first five matches of the English Premier League but as it stands it is evident that the Blues are pacified with their journey so far.

Most of the success so far has been centred on Hazards performance who helped his team with a 4:1 win against Cardiff City when he stole the show with his first hat-trick of the season. Meanwhile, Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud have been rotated in the No.9 role by club manager Maurizio Sarri who noted that he would use them depending on the nature of the game.

When it comes to goal scoring form, Morata has an edge but in terms of contributing and completing cohesion among the team, Giroud is crux.

The World Cup winner has however seen it as a competition between the £60 million player.

“It has always been a fair competition between us, and we will both try to step up to help the team reach our target,”

Giroud believes that the competition will be of utmost importance to the team which perhaps has brought them to this level.

He sees it as what is taking him to a different height of his game.

Chelsea will face PAOK on Thursday and it is now likely that Morata will start ahead of the former Arsenal player.

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