A little reason to be surprised at this wonder kid who already got into the limelight of football elites by making the first team shirt for Monaco at the age of 17 after signing a deal reported to be £17.1 million.

Pietro Pellegrini was envisaged by his club’s owner as the “next Lionel Messi”; little wonder how he circumvented into the Serie A team before earning a move to French side Monaco.

The 17-year-old adroit player is like a new wine in old bottle that can break ankles with his skills; he’s partly becoming one of Europe’s finest young talent.

Before he caught the eyes of the French side, Pellegrini came in through the hierarchy as Genoa’s newly discovered talent after making his debut as the combined player to be part of the Seria A team at the age of 15 years and 280 days.

He broke yet another record after becoming the first player to score a goal in the Seria A born in 2001.

He also saw the back of the net in September, making him the youngest player to have scored a brace in the Seria A: that eventually made his father burst into tears.

Well, scouts were watching and it didn’t take quite long to decide if he would be the next man to be dimmed as a World best contender in the future. He was notified by Manchester United, Ac Milan and Inter Milan for his signature but he opted for Monaco at the age of 16-years-old, knowing fully well that Monaco are good at raising future talents.

It appears like he wouldn’t stay for too long but it’s glaring that many elite clubs would be watching to make a move at the right time. For a young talent who already have the mentality of a 10-years experienced player-to catch the eyes of his international manager Roberto Mancini, it means he has so much heart for goals.

More reason why Liverpool need to fight their way to capture this player to help boost the chances of making it to the top level.

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