This player could cost Liverpool a fortune after sale


Alberto Moreno had lost his place under Jurgen Klopp’s hierarchy when he made more errors than expected as a defender.

Moreno was once disciplined by the German before he got back to the first team after playing well against Hoffeinam in last season’s champions league qualifier but his thoughtless act afterwards made Klopp opt for James Milner in place of the Spanish natural left back before bringing in Robertson.

With Klopp having Robertson already as the main man in the left-back and more options to rotate Milner if need be, Moreno may not have any opportunity to play or fight his way back into the team.

However, the Catalan giants Barca already listed several left backs and Moreno could be on the verge of joining his former teammates, Luiz Suarez and Philip Coutinho.

Alberto could be a pain in the neck at the moment but consideration of his timely runs and crosses as that of Jordi Alba could be reconsidered because if Barca should successfully buy the Spanish left-back, knowing fully well that they could meet at the champions league, it might occur to you that players always love to play to their best and as well score their old clubs which could be costly.

Moreno only needs one or two corrections which means, he should be conscious of the 18-yard-box, always close down when without the ball, not be too deep and try avoiding unnecessary free kicks that could be costly against his teammates.

Apart from the aforementioned errors, the Spanish left-back should be one among the best in Liverpool as he was in 2014.

Klopp should keep hold of him else the decision of letting him go could ricochet against the YNWA team one way or the other.

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