Second world’s most expensive player Kylian Mbappe met with Liverpool and world’s most expensive defender Virgil van Dijk in the encounter between France and Netherland on Sunday.

The match saw both players lock horns with each other before club encounter in the champions league.

Whilst both players played so well in the game, Mbappe made his mark in the first half after lurking around the defensive back-line that kept him unnoticed before putting the ball at the back of the net. Thanks to the assist from Matuidi.

Mbappe also had the opportunity to show how mettlesome he could be while on the run when he faced Van Dijk in a one on one situation that saw the crowd paid most of the attention on what the defender could do to stop the fast feet of the 19-year-old player: Van Dirk eventually stopped him from hitting the target after both players rode to the 18-yard box.

Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain will meet each other in the champions league next week and Van Dijk will have more work to do rather than man marking Mbappe because PSG boasts of more attacking minded players who can counter any opposition defense.

Kylian Mbappe

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With Neymar and Cavani joining forces with Mbappe, it means the four Liverpool backlines would do more to earn a clean sheet.

Liverpool also boasts of one of the finest attacking minded players in the name of Mo Salah, Firmino and Sadio Mané who can as well do a lot more harm at their peak.

Mbappe’s goal against Netherland is a sign that he can evidently penetrate Liverpool’s defense but with Klopp and his tactics, it will surely be difficult.


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