As Manchester United prepares to face Real Betis in the Europa League Round of 16, five players from both teams are at risk of missing future matches due to suspensions.

Manchester United’s Casemiro has already missed four matches this season due to suspensions and is one yellow card away from facing another one-match ban.

Uefa stipulates that if a player amasses three yellow cards during the group stages of any competition, they will sit out the subsequent European match. Casemiro, having received a caution in each leg of the playoffs against Barcelona, currently has two yellow cards to his name.

If he picks up his third yellow card during the second leg of the tie against Real Betis, he will miss the first leg of the quarter-final tie if Manchester United progresses.

On the other hand, four Betis players are also walking the tightrope, including goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, who has two yellow cards against his name. Betis defenders German Pezzella, Luiz Filipe, and Aitar Ruibal are one caution away from suspension.

Yellow cards are reset after the quarter-final phase, offering all players a fresh start for the semi-finals. Nonetheless, should any player receive their third caution during the second leg of the quarter-finals, they will be ineligible for the first leg, with all pending suspensions carried over.

It’s important to note that from three bookings onwards, every odd-numbered booking constitutes a one-game ban before the semi-finals. Therefore, a player with three yellow cards will be suspended again if they pick up a fifth, seventh, and so on.

Expect an electrifying encounter when Manchester United locks horns with Real Betis as both teams battle it out for a place in the Europa League quarter-finals. However, players must be cautious to avoid picking up unnecessary bookings that could see them miss future matches.

Fans will be hoping that Casemiro and the other players walking the tightrope can keep their composure on the field and help their teams secure victory without incurring any suspensions.



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