Google Fiber will be launching 5Gbps and 8Gbps internet plans next year


Google Fiber is launching new plans to provide up to 5Gbps of data and 8Gbps for just $125 and $150 per month.

With the new services, users can now enjoy high-speed internet without worrying about speed limitations.

These new offers will be perfect for people working in creative fields or with large data files needing heavy processing power.

With these new offers, users can now enjoy lag-free and jitter-free file transfers with the help of Google Fiber upgrades.

The 5Gbps tier will cost $125 per month and provide you with symmetrical upload/download speeds.

Meanwhile, the 8 Gbps plan costs just $150 per month.

Starting early next month, this service will be available for existing subscribers in Utah, West Des Moines, and Kansas City.

Overall, Google Fiber comes with a Wi-Fi 6 router, up to two mesh extenders, and professional installation. It will offer symmetrical upload and download speeds at 5 Gigs or 8 Gigs.