Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, wants to donate to the country after a terrible flood


Tim Cook, the CEO of tech giant Apple, has asserted that the organization will help Pakistan. Due to the overwhelming flood in the country, the people are in dire need of food, shelter, and other resources.

The CEO of Apple has disclosed that the company will donate to eliminate the current plight in the country.

Besides, Cook asserted that in this challenging period, we are with the dwellers of Pakistan. Our sincere wishes are with them, and sad for those who lost their loved ones.

Cook asserted some good words for the country and added that the country needs some humanitarian aid.

In addition, due to torrential rains and floods, more than 1000 people succumbed, and almost 380 children. Besides, one-third of the country has been inundated, which has caused a difficult and alarming situation.

Considering this tough time and non-stop downpour, the United Nations declared openly for assistance and called it an “unparalleled climate catastrophe.”

Terrible rainfall has caused overpowered floods across the country, which has sabotaged buildings and bridges. In addition, the flood has washed away roads and has eroded stocked crops.

Further, the flood has demolished the fields and ripened fruits and vegetables, due to which prices of commodities have surged.

Many nations have assisted the country in this difficult time; they are dispatching food and cash to benefit the victim.

Tim Cook, too did not sit silent and came forward to support the country. People have suffered a lot, and many are departing due to starvation. Cook’s help can benefit the country a lot.