Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers in July 2022

Servers in any product help to add more spices to the features and specifications of the game. Any of the Minecraft Hunger Games servers is not less than any other, but some specific concerns make it even more unique and appreciated by the users.

These servers have custom settings to add up more in-play games. And it mainly works to add more powerful and energetic concepts in the hunger games.

I enjoy playing the battle royale-style game mode in hunger games servers, which typically focuses on survival. A free for all PvP map is used where players need to collect helpful resources and be the last person standing within a match that has multiple rounds.

The following list explores some absolute best Minecraft hunger games servers to play. All servers listed here have an active community, unique features and are consistently updated and popular in 2022.

Choosing the right one might be a difficult task, but this article will lead you to the best one. Here is the description of some of them, with unique features for your convenience. 

Minecraft Hunger Games Servers In July 2022

The Hive


One of the top Minecraft server networks in terms of popularity and player count is The Hive. Thousands of players are using their servers daily, which shows that they have created a very engaging environment for people to play on. If you’re looking for Hunger Games-type gameplay then look no further than The Hive’s “Survival Games” mode (which can also be called just Survival games).

The Hive network is the reason for The Hunger Games’ success. They implemented several exclusive features like loot drops, cache cows, and a custom hunger system which makes it unique from how players play in other servers. There are nearly 6 million different users who have played on this server at one point or another as well!



The Mineplex network has a huge player base, and the hunger games game mode makes it easy to find matches. The unique thing about this server is that players are allocated kits upon entering the match which they can unlock by playing other mini-games on Mineplex.

Although some players may be attracted to the concept of purchasable kits, such as having a massive advantage over others in-game because they will have better gear and accessories than other members who do not own these unique items. This is appealing for some; however, it does deter newer Mineplex users from joining due to their lack of gems.

The Archon


The best Minecraft servers are ones that let you play however you like. The Archon is another popular multi-faceted server with a variety of game modes, including regular old survival and Skyblock! With a refreshingly no-nonsense attitude, the first few seconds of joining will allow players to dive right into whatever they want in PvP mode which emphasizes it more than others. You may also need some help from our list of texture packs if you planning to go head-on against other people!

MC Prison


Some Minecraft servers are dedicated to Hunger Games, but MC Prison is not one of them. However, it still deserves a serious mention for its frequent and great running games.

On MC Prison, there are no consequences to losing or winning. This makes the server ideal for players who want a high-risk/high reward experience like hunger games without any real danger of death.

MC prison is a unique non-dedicated server that has been endorsed by many players, including PewDiePie himself. The game mode possesses high quality and will satisfy those who are looking for fun hunger games mixed with an ongoing experience.



Hypixel is known for having twelve different game modes, each one easy to access through a user-friendly inventory. Whether you want to fight other players or mobs, mine for Diamonds and Gold, build structures in Minecraft there’s something here that will satisfy your interests. This attracts tens of thousands of daily online visitors who keep coming back again and again!


IP: mgu. one

MGU One is the best alternative server. That leads you to excellent results. It has an exceptional working of PvE Server. It is mainly designed to solve user’s issues and add much to the multi-model areas. Users found it to be relatively conventional in working and functions. It reaches the end of the exceptionality.

Far away, it perfectly fun and relax mode element for professionals. It creates a quite competitive scenario among other servers. Improving its technologies and features, it has extensive use in crafting, swimming, and fishing. 

It will not only facilitate the severs but also drive a completely adventurous flow for the gamers. It proves to be the most friendly and comprehensive equipment for the hunger game Minecraft.

The newness in the system adds and lightens the interface with extraordinary functionality. Thus, it might be thought to be highly acceptable by the youngsters in the games play. That requires a new concept every time they met something new and fascinating.

Do join and avail this opportunity for reliable functioning of hunger games adventure.

MC Central


MC Central IP

This is one of the most unique and anticipated servers for solo players. Also supports the function up to a long and credible limit, without any hesitation and difficulty. It offers an easy-to-understand interface for every local and professional user. This helps to provide more enchantment and adventure in the interface of gameplay. It customizes the analysis to work so far and in a better way.

It is the most used server and proves to be so popular among users. Its demand enhanced to a too high level.

Its features are unique; it adds more and more new trends among gaming areas, improves the previous undertaking, and establishes new and complete bars that become hard to follow up by other servers in need. 

It makes the Hunger games’ experience entirely changed by adding adventurous views and themes along with an everlasting entertainment element. Thus, considers being the ultimate approach of the users.



Ghost Craft Server

Ghostcrsft is a h=java network that allows the multiplayer to work appropriately and maintain the functionality. It tries to remove all the appearing lags and faults along with sustainability in working.

If there appear any of the issues either in games or server performance, then there are brief and comprehensive steps available right there to remove the fluctuations and proximity.

It works amazingly superb with 1.16.4 servers such as 1.16 survival, custom SkyBlock, BedWars, etc.; the unique and astonishing adventures make it popular among the market with perfect functionality experiences.

It is followed by various games mode. Not only hunger games but various others also rely upon them for the best working activity.

It includes PVP, Mcmmo, and survival adventures. Beyond all this, it offers reliability and affinity for the analysis of gameplays. That helps you to make changes accordingly.



Mind Wind Server

Minewind is one of the wholly astonishing and renowned working servers for Minecraft. It tries to overcome the system’s non-mentioned issues and lags very quickly in an extremely appropriate and reliable sense.

By completing and correctly understanding its interface, you will find it an unmatchable product all around the market and working area. It works tremendously in Survival mode. 

This thought to be the “Anarchy Server.” It expects to be last long always with unforgettable and unmatchable functionality.

The server enhances the then]mes, function, and all the added features of gameplays. Hunger games might be thought to be the call of duty type. But here, it seems more prominent along with distinctive and revolutionary effects.

It might consider implementing many features extraordinarily such as cache cows and other custom systems for the betterment and a unique spin on the games to be played.



Xtreme Craft Server

This is one of the most appreciated servers found around the entire servers market. Also performs a multi-efficient task. It mainly carries all the previous old and all the updated features at the same time.

However, it manages all the survival modes in an extremely reliable way and maintains the functionality at the high profile end. Not only survival mode, but it also works the same in the best way for all Skyblocks, Hunger games, and other minigames.

It personalizes the users from builder to fighter. With every next step, it is thought to be more unconditional in its operation. 

Various extremists maintain the working of this server; it keeps on supporting by different leaderboards and experts. Thus, ultimately under experts’ primary supervision, it lasts for even longer with a lifetime warranty.

It adds various updating elements to the gameplay. These upgrades are everything for the instructive interface.

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