Jessica Reynolds shared a little about her character in Outlander Season 6


Malva Christie is coming to our screens in Outlander Season 6. Jessica Reynolds shares a little about the person in front of the debut.

However, We get to meet the Christie family in Outlander Season 6. This family will bring some hardship. From the beginning, it seems as though Malva will be trapped in two families yet have no faith in that sweet little face presently.

Moreover, Jessica Reynolds joins the cast as a person around 16 to 18. Indeed, she’s simply a little kid, and she has a long way to go regarding the world. Exactly who is Malva Christie on the series?

Jessica Reynolds prods Malva in Outlander Season 6

Reynolds shared a little about her personality in a promotion video for STARZ. You can investigate the full video beneath:

In addition to this, This is a young lady who is gradually tracking down her place throughout everyday life. She’s moved from Scotland to the Colonies with her dad, yet this is a man who spent his years in Ardsmuir Prison and afterward as a contractually bound enslaved person. You should, as of now, tell from timetables that there’s another side to this specific story.

Moreover, when Malva sees Claire at work, she becomes inquisitive. As it were, Malva was a little awkward in the eighteenth century. She’s a lady who needs to dive deeper into recuperating, rapidly turning into Claire’s disciple. We realize Claire will require another understudy since Marsali is vigorously pregnant and will bring forth her fourth kid during the new season.

However, This will unquestionably assist in connecting Claire and Malva. It makes Malva’s story all the frustrating and destructive for Claire, yet we will not get into that for the people who haven’t perused the books yet.

Anyhow, What do you expect to see included regarding Malva from the books? What is your take of this bother of the person?
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