It seems as though Elon Musk has another sweetheart, and he’s keeping with his old examples of dating somebody a lot more youthful than he is. The 50-year-old business person is purportedly dating Australian entertainer 27-year-old, Natasha Bassett. Whose most conspicuous job has been playing Britney Spears in the Lifetime biopic, Britney Ever After.

Image: Twitter

Nonetheless, When the film was delivered in 2017, Spears’ allies were none too satisfied that the film was being made in any case. Yet, Natasha Bassett stayed a passionate fan despite the analysis.

“It focuses a positive light on how solid Britney is and what an incredible person she will be,” she disclosed to Vogue.

“She’s not just one of the world’s most impressive entertainers, but at the same time, she’s a mother to two ravishing children, and she has a residency in Vegas, so it focuses a light on this large number of positive ascribes of her character.”

In addition, During Spears’ conservatorship fight, Bassett remained immovably in the pop star’s corner and committed an online media post to her. “Since Britney has uncovered her reality, I am completely crushed for her.

My heart goes out to her today and for consistently, she’s experienced this contorted, superfluous conservatorship,” the entertainer composed. “It’s off-base, it’s unlawful, and it’s manipulative. No one should reserve the privilege to settle on choices over another lady’s body. Sending my adoration to @britneyspears and supporting #freebritney.”

Concerning Natasha Bassett and Elon Musk, their affection has been blooming “for quite a while,” as indicated by a Daily Mail source. “They were companions sole became heartfelt after he split with Grimes,” they added.

Also, assuming considering pulled in her to the 23-years-more established Tesla CEO. The insider uncovered that she tracks down him “so brilliant and fascinating to be near”. With their sentiment pressing onward, it’s inevitable before a few make their honorary pathway debut so that all the world might be able to see.


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