Jennifer Lopez shared a beautiful video of her twin children on Instagram.

She shared this video on her Instagram account while being heard in the sentimental video clip. She was celebrating their 14th birthday.

Moreover, the singer can be heard saying in the video that The children have shown her what is real and what is not. She wrote :

“The kids just gave me a new direction. Every day, they change everything.”

Further, she says that they have given me the idea of real things. “It just made me realize what was real and what wasn’t real,” she added.

Moreover, Love on the Floor singer says that the Love I feel for these two kids enabled me to reexamine the things in my life. They just “changed everything” in my life. Moreover, the video shows memories from the actress’s pregnancy to kids growing older. She is now 52 years of age.

In addition to all these, Lopez also wrote a love note for her children in which she calls them some beautiful names such as Babies, sunshine, and loves. It was the 14th birthday of her twin kids.

She says in the note that “So this is 14!!!! My babies, my sunshine, my loves. Happiest of birthdays to my two coconuts, Max and Lulu.”

Moreover, she also wrote that you two had shown the true meaning of life, and you two have changed everything in my life. she wrote, “You have taught me the true meaning of life and have changed me forever in the most amazing way….”

Along with this, She wrote,

“Today marks a very special day…it’s 2/22/22…they say this day is a rare, once in a lifetime moment for humanity,” she continued in the post’s caption.

“today breaks open the door to a more fulfilling sustainable and aligned future…a day to move forward and stop living in the past. A rebirth. It’s no wonder to me because this day 14 years ago has always symbolized, for me, the first day of the rest of my life. Max and Lulu, I will love you forever and ever and ever #UntilItBeatsNoMore.”

She also thanked all her fans for showing their Love and making videos on the occasion of her children’s birthday.


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