Apple warned Belarusian iOS developers about blocking due to sanctions


Apple has sent a warning letter to iOS developers with Belarusian registration about blocking due to sanctions. This is reported by the publication Onliner.

“We noticed a problem while checking your account. Information about the legal entity associated with your account, for a number of restrictions, fully corresponds to information from the list of the US government.

The sanctions list of another government, or the list of regions with which cooperation is limited, ”the letter says.

The publication clarifies that those who had already changed their registration from Belarusian to another a few months ago received a warning.

However, developers have not noticed actual changes when working with paid applications. According to the publication, they are now studying the possible risks and are looking for ways to migrate accounts.

Some publications clarify that judging by the data of Appstore connects, legal entities of developers, and not the bank whose account is registered in the account, are subject to sanctions.

Mass rallies began in the country after the presidential elections in Belarus in August 2020. At first, they were harshly suppressed by the security forces. Then (after the European countries paid attention to the situation in the republic ), the opposition to the demonstrators took place in a milder form.

The situation in the country has led to the fact that the EU and the US have imposed sanctions on certain departments. Besides, according to these countries, some officials are involved in the suppression of protests and election fraud (Western politicians are sure that the voting took place with violations).

Last March, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a counter-sanctions decree. Which establishes a ban on the import into the country of certain categories of goods and the import of works (services) performed by legal entities and individuals of states.

In addition, they have taken special measures (sanctions) against Belarusian legal entities or individuals.