John Hoffman has explained why Selena Gomez was placed opposite to Steve Martin and Martin Short in Only Murders In The Building.

In August, in the American mystery comedy on Hulu, we saw that the three strangers, who are living in a building named Arconia played by Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, come to know that they are investigating an actual crime. They also find that it is a murder of Tim Kono.

However, the show’s story is not as fascinating as its characters are, and it is a fact that the show has been famous for its main characters and the guests.

Moreover, viewers have enjoyed the mystery drama very much and gave their positive reviews in a high amount. They also enjoyed the protagonists’ roles and the solvation of the main story.

But the character they enjoyed the more is Selena Gomez, who opposes the two other protagonists (Martin and Short). She has also won the 2021’s people choice award for her role in Only Murders in the Building.

The people enjoyed and were fascinated by her role as Mabel Mora, and they also loved the way she portrayed Mabela Mora.

What did Hoffman Say about Selena Gomez?

The showrunner John Hoffman said while speaking with Vanity Fair and the casting director Tiffany Little Canfield that the main aim of the character of Selena Gomez was to highlight a clash between different generations of New York.

As the story is set there in New York City, they wanted to highlight this issue through the character of Gomez (Mabela Mora).

Moreover, he also praised her role as a leading star in the Disney Channel series “Wizards Of Waverley Place.” It became evident that she had been chosen as a lead in the show by honoring her character.

In addition, the series, Only Murders in the Building, has been renewed for its second season. Indeed, she will reprise her role again in Season 2. It is also confirmed that the show will not work without the chemistry of Gomez, Martin, and Short.

Although it is surprising for many viewers why she will place again opposite to that two legendary comedians, they have been satisfied by her role in the first season.

Now they are looking forward to Gomez in the show as the show has received many positive reviews and many nominations, which shows the fans’ love.

In addition, Selena Gomez has also shown a preference for cultivating an admirably diverse filmography. It means that her passion for her role is also involved.

Moreover, if we look at the two biggest hits of the year, Only Murders in the Building and HBO’s Mare of Easttown, we will find that both of these shows rely on the roles of their characters.

How they bring life to their portrayals and how the audience is fascinated by their roles. As both of the shoes are mystery-based; and each one highlights the importance of their cast.

So HBO’s hit drama is famous for Kate Winslet as a lead, and the same is the case with Hulu’s hit, which is renowned for Selena Gomez as a leading actress in the show. Their character is fit for their roles as the leading characters.


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