Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers and More

Alright, fans! are you looking for the third season of DEAD TO ME? Your patience is going to vanish very soon. Netflix has renewed the show for season three, and we will soon have your favourite Black-comedy on your screens.

DEAD TO ME is an American Dark Comedy Television drama. It is one of the popular Netflix series and has received so many positive reviews from the audience.

Moreover, it was created by Liz Feldman and was produced by Feldman, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Jessica Elbaum.

It was premiered on Netflix for the first time on May 3, 2019, and has received many positive reviews.

The story is based on two women Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Both of them are grieving their lives. They are friends, and their friendship started from a meeting in a grief support group.

DEAD TO ME has become one of the most popular series on Netflix. In addition to this, It has received four Nominations. The first season of the show has got more than 30 million viewers across the world.

Image: Netflix

It has also been announced that this will be the finale of the series, and the story will end with it.

However, we have gathered some useful information about season 3 of DEAD TO ME. Scroll down your screen and discover.

DEAD TO ME Season 3 Release Date

Although Netflix renewed the series in July 2020, its airing has been halted due to many reasons:

The very first reason was COVID-19, due to which the production process was banned.

However, after several interruptions in the production by the pandemic, the production was restarted in May 2021. It was hoped that the production process would be wrapped up to August, but it was not made possible. Because It was again halted due to COVID-19, Production Weekly reported.

Image: Netflix

The second reason for the delay in releasing the date of DEAD TO ME is the health of Christiana.

However, still, it is not confirmed that whether production is started or not? But we can speculate that we should wait until the spring of 2022 Because no official announcements have been given up till now.

Who will Return in DEAD TO ME Season 3?

The return of the two main characters Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), is quite sure. But then there is the official statement given that who will reappear in the next season.

However, the return of Jen Harding and Judy Hale is sure because the whole plot revolves around them, and if they are removed from the story, then there would be no interest left in the story. The show can not run without them and their messy fools.

Season 2 ended with creating a lot of questions in the fans’ minds, but they are sure that if the show goes on, JEN and JUDY will be there.

Moreover, other characters like the children of Jen, Charlie, and Henry, Ana, the grief counsellor, and the detective in charge of the hit-and-run case will reprise their roles in season 3 of DEAD TO ME.

Image: Netflix

In addition to these characters, another has been introduced as Steve’s twin brother Ben, who will also be there in the next season. Season 3 will be the story of Ben, and Steve will be out of the story, which means Steve will not repeat his role in season 3.

Another character who is also endangered in the previous season is Michelle. The Relationship between Judy and Michelle is more, and the fans of Michelle would not see him in the show anymore. Judy’s mother, Eleanor, will reprise her as she has been introduced recently in the story.

What will happen in DEAD TO ME Season 3?

As we have witnessed in the previous season, there are many things to be revealed in the upcoming season, but still, we are not sure about those things that will come to pass in the season of DEAD TO ME.

However, season 2 has left the viewers with a lot of suspicions and apprehensions in their minds. As in the season, just before the end, Judy and Jen get in a car accident, and it is parallel to the incident of the car crash in which Steve has been killed. But the thing which has created a lot of suspense is that Jen is still alive after this accident.

Image: Netflix

Moreover, Ben is on the way to identifying his brother’s dead body and has hit the car of Jen and Judy, but he is not certain whether he has been seen by them or not while driving away. The couple is so conscious, and if they find that Ben crashed their car, then what will they do?

Moreover, a dog has snipped the dead body of Steve in the forest, so it is now uncertain what Ben will do next? Will he follow in the footsteps of Jen or not?

In addition to this, Charlie has found a letter while searching Judy’s room, but it is uncertain that whether he has read the letter or not. But if he read it, it will reveal to him the involvement of his mother in his father’s death. With this, he will get rid of the accusation against him regarding his father’s disappearance.

However, Jen has written three letters, one for Henry, one for Charlie, and one for Judy, and she has written these letters because she has planned to hand over herself to the police for being guilty. The letter’s actual content has not been revealed, so it has created so many doubts in viewers’ minds.

Image: Netflix

So all the above statements are based on the events that have taken place in season 2. These are just speculations to inform the audience about what seems to happen next.

Will Season 3 be the last Season?

Yes, season three is going to be the finale of the whole story of DEAD TO ME. It was confirmed just after season 2 that Season 3 will be the last season of the DEAD TO ME. Liz Feldman also said in an interview that “it would not be a long-running show”.

So it is quite sure that the story will be winded up with this season.

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