SafeMoon Price Prediction: Is this the right time to invest?


In the previous month – October 2021, we saw two coins that came to their highest worth. Those two coins were Shiba Inu and, of course, SafeMoon. However, many investors were shocked after the hype in the price of these two cryptos. In a nutshell, the cost of SafeMoon approximately gained 400% in October and closed with a fee of over 309%.

SafeMoon Trading price

It is well known, there’re ups and downs in the business, and yes, crypto is also some business where you invest your money and time. As mentioned above in the first part of this article, we saw 400% of hype in its price, and on the contrary.

We also saw almost 100% downfall in the worth of SafeMoon in the same month. This graph shows us how unpredicted this niche is. But the good news is that we are seeing a positive and profitable increase in the price of this coin.

SafeMoon Price Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Today, the Safemoon price stands at $0.000004122 with a 24-hour trading volume of 15 million USD while down 2% in the last 24 hours alone. SafeMoon has been on a huge rise in the past week, reaching new highs almost every day.

It seems to be consolidating for now as it moves sideways following an explosive uptrend that saw prices shoot up 230% over this period of time.

SafeMoon Price Forecast

SAFEMOON will likely hover in-between clearly defined technical levels until the bulls overcome their upper boundary, acting as resistance against buyers.

The SafeMoon price may be on the rise! The falling wedge pattern suggests a bullish outlook for this cryptocurrency, with an optimistic target of $0.00000497 at topside trend line resistance. If buyers overcome that barrier, then prices could reach up to 35%.

SafeMoon/USDT 4-hour chart

SafeMoon is nowhere near the height of resistance, but that does not necessarily mean investors should sell their holdings. Many factors can affect prices, including news stories or other events in cryptocurrency markets – anything at all.

SafeMoon/USDT Price Forecast

The recent upswing in the market appears to have gone unnoticed by many investors. However, suppose SAFEMOON can overcome this resistance trend line on top of their technical pattern that acts as an obstacle for optimism. In that case, it may be time they start paying attention again.

SafeMoon and buyers step- Ichimoku levels

Interestingly, SafeMoon has found buyers at critical Ichimoku support levels. On the other hand, a deeper retracement can also occur in it. Furthermore, the coin price finds buyers’ steps at three key Ichimoku levels. The three key Ichimoku levels are as under:

  • the Tenkan-Sen
  • the Kijun-Sen
  • the weekly Tenkan-Sen

Also, these support levels are represented by a dark blue line/ray. As per experts and analysts, these three levels fall into a price range from USD 0.0000040 – USD 0.0000047.

Elliot Wave Theory:

Many experts and investors believed they could assume the prediction of the downfall of the price of SafeMoon with the help of Elliot Wave Theory. For instance, if we consider the Bull Run in October as the Wave 1 of Wave Impulse, then Wave 2 would be 50%, 61.8%, 78.6%, or 88.2% Fibonacci retracement of Wave 1, respectively. Also, this will allow the traders to consider the following price levels:

  • 50% is equal to $0.0000039
  • 61.8% is equal to $0.0000033
  • 78.6% is equal to $0.0000029
  • 88.2% is equal to $0.0000023

On the other hand, the price of this coin has already been tested and found support for the 50 per cent level, which is at USD 0.000039. Furthermore, the price remains to be watched in such a case if it comes further low. Similarly, all these price levels and supports will continue until Wave 3.

Interestingly, for moving to the so-called and new all-time high price, the buyers will need to return to the all-time high at the price tag of USD 0.000007. A return to $0.000007 can also be invalidated in a case if SafeMoon price moves below the level of 88.2% Fibonacci retracement at $0.0000023.

SafeMoon Price Prediction: 2021 to 2050

SafeMoon Price PredictionPrice in USD
Dec 2021$0.00001
Dec 2022$0.002
Dec 2023$0.07
Dec 2025$0.25
Dec 2030$0.65
Dec 2040$2
Dec 2050$10

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Can SafeMoon reach $1?


  • Will SafeMoon Price Hit $1?

SafeMoon might one day be worth a dollar. But, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. It is being estimated that during the years 2028 to 2030, the price of SafeMoon could hit the landmark of $1.

  • Will SafeMoon Give Good Return after investment?

As we all know, this coin is based scientifically on advanced/modern Blockchain technology. Therefore, the demand of buyers/traders is exploding from time to time. Several investors and traders invest in this coin every day to buy it on various exchanges, platforms, and Swap Wallet.

Long story short, the answer to this question is to consistently keep the focus on this coin price’s track record. As a result, it will give you huge returns and profit.

  • How Much Money should you invest in the SafeMoon coin initially?

Honestly!! There are plenty of answers to this question. Initially, before investing, you should know about the trading and mediums. With said that, invest your extra and side hustle’s money in the crypto.

We’ll recommend you invest less money on this coin and hold it for 5 to 10 years. After holding on 5 to 10 years, this crypto will give you 100000 to 50,000-time returns.

  • Is it safe to Hold SafeMoon on an exchange, or you should have it in your wallet?

We believe in keeping the SafeMoon coin in the Trust Wallet because it is a better and reliable Wallet for long-term investment compared to other mediums.