Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC gains some momentum after recent crash


Litecoin is making a solid recovery after crashing 9%. The price of Litecoin fell hard on October 28th.

Still, it’s now trading near $191 again with some nice gains over the past few days to highlight its resilience as an investment opportunity for crypto investors who care about long-term success rather than just day traders looking for quick profits.

As of writing, Litecoin is up 1.83% to $191.30, which has been a mixed start for the day so far, but it’s had its ups and downs as well.

Litecoin had a rough day on Wednesday, sliding by 9.22%. After reversing its 1% gain from Tuesday and ending the day at $179/LTC, start it off with an early morning high of 205 LTC before hitting reverse.

Litecoin’s price fell through the first significant resistance level at $201. Furthermore, for the day ahead, If Litecoin can avoid the $188 pivot, it has a critical resistance level at $197.

It would need broader market support for its breakout, though; currently, prices are stuck in between these two points with only one direction available to go from here up.

The Litecoin price outlook is brightening up after a sad start. The currency could break out from resistance at $200 and face an even stronger test with the second significant level, which sits around 204 USD per coin.


Erika Ryan is Senior Editor at Thewistle. She previously worked for Crunchbase News as Editor in Chief as well as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and Mattermark. You can contact Erika at [email protected]