PlayStation Direct: How to secure a PS5 with PS Direct


Are you looking to get your hands on the newest PlayStation 5 but are struggling in line? We have just found a way for those who want it more than others.

Since its release, the PlayStation 5 is still not easy to get your hands on. We’re still not able to buy one easily. So every week, we have our fingers crossed for restock waves and then hope that they come back around again soon enough before another player snatches them all up with their coveted order ahead of time.

So, you want to get a PlayStation 5 but don’t know how? Well, I’m here with some helpful tips for that. In this case, PlayStation Direct is the best way to buy a PS5, but the problem is how to get an invite. This article will guide you on how exactly you can get an invite.

How to get PlayStation Direct Invite

PlayStation Direct is the go-to place for buying a PS5, but how do you get an invite? PlayStation Direct is a new program from Sony that allows you to buy consoles.

  • PS5 fans looking to get their hands on the next-gen console will want to sign up for a PlayStation Direct.
  • Signing up for the PlayStation Network will require a PSN account. This vital step prevents scalpers from attempting to buy one and means that your information is safe with Sony.
  • You will have your exclusive email, and that’s where you’ll receive the PS Direct invite to buy a new PlayStation 5 console.
  • Sometimes it takes too much time. However, it’s the best choice right to get your hands on the PlayStation 5.
  • With PlayStation Direct, you’ll be able to skip all of the hassles and just get your hands on a new console. All it takes is one email invite.
  • Always be prepared for restocking. Whenever a restock is happening, the PSN users will receive an email invite when the next product shipment is coming in.

If you’re lucky enough to get a PS Direct invite, show up on time and expect your chances at getting PS5.