Discord ‘Watch Together’ feature could be coming to every user soon


Discord is taking matters into its own hands. Just days after a popular third-party Discord plugin was shut down by YouTube, the company announced that it will be developing and launching Watch Together in an effort to watch YouTube videos together. It seems that the company may have finally launched its service on some servers after starting with only a few test cases at first glance. If you’re part of one of these chats where this new feature is available, then be sure not to miss out.

Discord bot is great for playing music with friends. For example, Groovy and Rythm make it easy to find a song from any video on YouTube, so you don’t have to fumble around trying to figure out what each person wants to be played in your lobby.

Discord Watch Together Feature; Image Credit: The Verge

The Discord ‘Watch Together’ feature allows Discord members to watch YouTube videos together. However, it seems that Discord has re-prioritized the Watch Together feature in response to recent music bot shutdowns.

Discord has been around for a while, and it’s not only the first time this sort of feature has been tested on Discord – but at its most complete form as well. The new Watch Together feature is currently being beta tested and will allow people to watch videos with other nearby users without a screen share.

Discord Youtube ads Warning

A new Discord feature allows users to create a playlist of YouTube videos by pasting or searching YouTube links. You can even turn on a remote button that lets other Discord server members share the ability to control playback.

The music bots in Discord aren’t similar to Rythum and Groovy; however, you can use Watch Together to listen through YouTube in Discord. Ads will be included as part of the experience, but Premium subscribers may not see them.

The new feature is now live for Discord servers with your friends and family members. The availability of this feature will be gradually expanded over time, maybe by the end of October.