The Cardano price is expected to go either up or down, depending on who you ask. Some people believe in its bullish potential, while others seem more pessimistic about this prediction and think it will not be as successful for the cryptocurrency’s future value.

This Sunday, Cardano has been on a slippery slope, kicking off the new week with an unwanted start. ADA bulls were unable to follow through from last week’s rally and leave prices where they are currently trading at $2.24.

Cardano’s rise in the market has been accompanied by positive developments, such as Elon Musk turning his back on Bitcoin due to its high energy consumption. In addition, cryptocurrency investors that care about earth sustainability have turned their attention towards Cardano and other eco-friendly coins like EthosOne, which also uses low operating costs for mining operations.

In addition, Cardano ADA has been trading in a range over the past few days, but on Saturday, it staged an apparent recovery from Friday’s wild moves. Subsequently, ADA/USD hit its psychological barrier at $2.

Cardano Price Prediction: Will ADA hit $10

With its high potentials, the Cardano ADA coin has proven multiple times with the lack of catalysts for a downturn. Investors are likely looking at this situation like an investment opportunity. Many have seen buy signals in Cardano price prediction which show that there will be higher returns on investments made now rather than later. Let’s look at some analyst’s opinions about what they think could happen next to Cardano prices.

Coinpriceforecast has predicted that the Cardano ADA token could hit $2.81 by year’s end and fall below 3 dollars in 2022 with their forecast.

Coin Quora has predicted that ADA could potentially see some extremely impressive gains before the end of this year. If bullish trends continue, ADA prices can reach up as high as $7.

The price of $ADA could go up to 4.52 in September 2022, according to WalletInvestor, who is reportedly bullish on the currency over the next 12 month period and thinks it will even double what’s currently being traded.

Gov Capital predicted that the $ADA coin is expected to hit a new all-time high, and the site’s 12 months of predictions are pointing towards it happening. This means that we’ll be witnessing this cryptocurrency reach northwards again from its current position near $3 per unit.



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