GTA 5 Enhanced Edition delayed until March 2022, any sign of GTA 6?


The long-awaited release of Rockstar’s GTA 5 Enhanced Edition has been delayed until March 2022. This announcement was made during the PlayStation Showcase 2021, in which it became clear that this highly anticipated game wouldn’t hit its November 11th release date as planned.

The upcoming release of GTA 5 Enhanced Edition might mean that the highly anticipated installment in Rockstar’s crime series, GTA 6, is even further off than we could have ever imagined.

GTA 6 is expected to be released no before 2024 or 2025. However, if we look at GTA 5 Enhanced Edition delay, so it will likely push the release date back further. But let’s see what Rockstar Games has planed.

Rockstar Games announced that the next-gen ports of GTA V would be pushed from November 11, 2021, to March 20th, 2022. This news alone was enough to get Grand Theft Auto fans talking on social media but it wasn’t the only one.

The new trailer of GTA 5 Enhanced Edition shows that the game will include improved graphics and more enhanced gameplay etc. The reason for this lengthy delay is unclear since it’s just a remaster of an eight-year-old game.

You can look forward to a slew of changes and improvements coming your way. Not only will there be an increase in performance across all vehicles, but there are graphical enhancements that have been made as well.

Moreover, if you’re already part of the club with Playstation Plus membership then get ready because Rockstar Games has thrown another bonus at players by giving them $1 million every month until 2022 when they launch their next console version!

Furthermore, the PS5 owners will be able to get the Standalone version of GTA Online exclusively free for the first three months from launch on March 22.