As the summer winds down, here are eight thrilling movies and shows to keep you on your feet all year long. While we’re still in-between seasons right now, September is a time when many of our favorite big-screen thrillers release each year — perfect for movie nights with friends or bingeing while cozied up under blankets indoors during the cooler months ahead. Here are the upcoming thriller movies and TV shows you can watch this September.

Thriller Movies and TV Shows

The Last Man

The post-apocalyptic world is a popular topic for TV series, and Y: The Last Man fits right in. In this story which follows the comic of the same name, every living being with a Y chromosome has been wiped out aside from one cisgender man and his monkey.

In a world where every male is killed off, the only man left must survive long enough to uncover how and why he was spared.

Last Man, an adaptation of the DC Comics series Y: The Last Man is coming to FX and Hulu on September 13th. Based on Brian K Vaughn’s sci-fi comic series published by DC Entertainment (home of Superman), this show follows Yorick Brown as he navigates a world post-plague where testosterone deficiency has wiped out all but one man in humanity.

Prisoner of the Ghostland

The film starring Nicolas Cage is about a bankroller who escapes prison to find his granddaughter. It will be airing in theaters on Sep 17th and looks like it’ll target the same audience as Nicholas Cages’ recent indie thrillers “Mandy” & “Mom and Dad.”


The sci-fi show, Foundation is being adapted for the small screen and has thriller elements with exiles trying to save humanity in light of a galactic empire. Foundation is set to release on Apple TV Plus, airing 24 September.


In a final attempt to get revenge, an assassin gets poisoned and has 24 hours left. However, she meets the daughter of her past victim who changes everything for them both. The movie is set to release on Netflix, 10 September.

The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs is a steamy thriller about two young lovers who are determined to live rebelliously before settling down. When they discover they can look into their neighbors’ window, the couple takes peeping too far and gets in way over their heads. It is set to release on Amazon Prime, airing on 10 September.


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