Shiba Inu, the meme cryptocurrency has gone through a hard decline in the past few weeks. Somehow, it has managed and gained its standing position. While still, it is below the All-Time High value, it reached on May 10th.

The Shiba Coin price is still fluctuating, as currently, it is trading at $0.000007132 at the time of writing. The coin could experience hype once it’s been listed on the Robinhood exchange.

A petition has been signed on to get the token listed on the free exchange. Well, there isn’t any information regarding its listing officially. But we could expect it as soon as possible. Similarly, it has been listed on eToro and other popular platforms recently.

Furthermore, the analysts suggest that Shiba Token might overtake the meme coin (Dogecoin). As the coin is gradually growing and might get a sudden hype in its price.

According to FxStreet,The token’s price has been up nearly 20% in the past 30 days, and trader sentiment is bullish as SHIB continues its climb. A mysterious large wallet investor recently added 150 billion SHIB to their wallet while the token witnessed a massive surge in price. The whale is known to have converted their Ethereum holdings to Shiba Inu coins”.

So it seems the huge investors have marked up a new target. The coin rally continues and might reach the targeted value.


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