Free Fire Update OB30 will feature new Characters, Weapons, and many more


The next big Garena Free Fire Update is releasing in mid-September 2021 and will be tested on a dedicated Advanced Server first. This is because they follow a similar pattern of testing their updates before releasing them on all servers simultaneously.

In the latest OB29 update of Free Fire, a lot of changes were introduced in the game. The OB29 update introduced major changes in the games which were released on August 4, 2021.

The next big update coming up in Free Fire (FF) “OB30,” promises many exciting additions. The OB30 update for FF will be jam-packed with new characters, weapons, new pets, and much more. It’s sure to make the game even more epic.

The new OB30 update will be a major addition to the game with more features, events, and gun skins. The size of this upcoming update is expected to range from 700-800MB so make sure that you have at least 1GB space in your device before updating it.

As of now there is no official announcement made by FF developers but is s expected to release on 28th September 2021.

Free Fire OB30 New Features

  • G18 (Akimbo) Weapon
  • New Firing Mechanism
  • New Scooter
  • Wichita MK-40
  • Water Boat
  • Sverr Character
  • Snowelle Character

Free Fire Update OB30 Characters

  • With the OB24 update for Free Fire, new characters began to appear in-game. One of them was Sverr; He is a top-notch mixed martial arts fighter who can be seen fighting off enemies on one of the game’s trailers released by Garena. So we can expect the Sverr character soon coming from the OB30 update.
  • The Snowelle female character in the game that was first introduced before OB25 might make a comeback with the upcoming update.
  • A new Shirou character in Free Fire can be seen In the released trailer driving around on his scooter. The update OB30 is expected to introduce this vehicle into gameplay when it comes out soon.