The latest iPad Air launched at the end of 2020 and introduced a whole suite of upgrades to Apple’s lightest tablet. It has an all-screen front, unlike any other tablet on the market. The new screen is even sharper than its predecessors; it doesn’t have a home button or Face ID, but it does, however, include TouchID. Similar to Pro models, this one can be paired with a Smart keyboard as well Apple magic keyboards.

The newly updated iPad is a great device, with many of its new features originating from the more expensive and high-end model. This means that we can now experience premium features such as an all-screen display and even compatibility to use the magic keyboard at a reasonable price.

iPads have come a long way since their initial launch in 2010. Although the iPad Air 4 is more expensive than previous iterations of this product line, it’s still an incredible value for your money when compared to Apple’s priciest tablet–the iPad Pro.

With top-of-the-line features and specs at about one-third less cost, you can’t find any other mid-range tablets that remotely compare to what they offer.

iPad Air 4 Price

Apple’s new iPad is pricey. The 64GB version costs £579/$599, while the 256GB will cost almost $749, additionally, if you consider the Cellular, then that model will set you back an extra £120/$130/AU$200 for a total cost of around $949 respectively.


The ‌iPad Air’s superior value for money makes it the better option, despite its lower-grade camera system, memory capacity, and 120Hz display.

The Apple iPad Pro comes with a bevy of features such as a 4K 120Hz display, deeper blacks, and more vivid colors on the mini-LED screen, Center Stage for AR experiences that don’t really add value to most users but they want it. The higher-end model has better specs than this one in general too.

Some iPad Pro features, like LiDAR and the Ultra-Wide camera, will only be practically useful to a small niche of iPad users. Most users won’t even use some high-end features such as Thunderbolt or large storage configurations.

The iPad Air is the best option for most people, with an all-screen design that’s great in any situation. The modern processor will handle anything you need to do on your tablet and USB-C compatibility means it’ll work well when paired up with Apple accessories.


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